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Invitation shipments will be made through UPS Ground Shipping from West Orange, New Jersey at a flat rate of $20 (East Coast) / $25 (Midwest - West Coast) which will be added to the final invoice. If the client wishes to have a fast delivery, they will receive an additional invoice to cover the cost.
We recommend to order at least 5-10 extra invitations. Don't forget about your B-List guest list and your keepsake invitation. ** This is NOT the total number of invited guests but the total per household and couples. Guests over the age of 17 get their own invitations. This number should reflect about 65 - 75% of your total number of invited guests. **
If you have picked specific colors from samples that you received, please include the name of the sample.
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Please mark all that apply. Foil Stamping & Letterpress only if previously discussed prior to contract.
(only applies if marked off in 'Printing Method')
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Please select the paper stock you wish for your invites to be printed on from the samples that were sent. Mark more than 1 if you wish to have 240# for your invitation card, and another stock for your remaining cards.
Please specify any comments or concerns regarding the paper stock options above.
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Please specify the additional card you need to add to your invitation suite and the size.
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Please mark all that apply. Embellishment Guide provided at the bottom of the form)
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Please mark all that apply, only if previously discussed prior to contract.
(only applies if marked off in 'Special Features')
Please write exactly how you would like your names displayed.
Please write exactly how you would like your names displayed.
Bride's Parents Hosting / Bride's Parents Hosting with Groom's Parents Mentioned under Groom / Both sets of Parents Hosting / "Together with their Families" / No families nor parents mentioned. Having trouble? Refer to the "Wording Samples" button towards the bottom of the page. Please write exactly how you would like Parent(s) name(s) displayed if being listed.
example: Saturday, September 23, 2018
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Ceremony Time
No physical street address will be used for the venue location, only the City & State will be shown.
Please inform CRISP of any additional information needed for the invite card.
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Please list Hotel(s) Name, Location, Phone Number & Website
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Room Block Deadline Date
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Reply Date
A month prior to your wedding date is recommended. If a caterer has a specific date that is before this amount of time, add on 1 week prior to your caterer's deadline date.
Want something fun? Refer to the "RSVP Replies" button at the bottom on the page and pick something that best suites you! Feel free to mix and match or create your own!
Please specify if you need to be notified of any dietary restrictions.
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Please specify color from sample color swatches. (only for upgrade option)
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Hand calligraphy only if discussed/approved prior to contract.
Outer Envelope Addressing Options
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Client's excel address form must be submitted to CRISP before the third proof of the invitation suite is sent for review.
$150 - $250 / depends on invitation complexity
Please let me know of any other thoughts/comments about what your vision is.
If there is an invitation suite from my website that caught your eye, please let me know! What did you like about it?