I'm Britt, and CRISP is my Design Studio.

I work with clients on a wide variety of design projects, including stationery, invitations, watercolor and calligraphy.

I earned my BFA in Graphic Design from the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University in Boston. I’ve lived in New England, Colorado Springs, Philly, and Brooklyn, but I’ll always call New Jersey home.

I earned my BFA in Graphic Design from the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University in Boston. In 2012, I created stationery for my brother’s wedding and from that moment I was hooked! I gradually built up my business, creating custom wedding invitations for couples from New Jersey to California. In 2017, I struck out on my own and created CRISP Designs on Paper.

When I am not working in my studio, I'm spending time with my husband Mike, daughter Chloe and dog Olive. I’m a complete reality TV Junkie (mainly Bravo), and love sour beers (have you tried Modern Times Fruitlands?). I’m a firm believer that no day is truly complete unless it includes The Ellen Show.

• • • • • • •

• My name is BRITT... it's short for Britt.
• I'd rather eat beef raw than cooked, but rare will do.
• I think Joe Dirt is one of the finest movies ever made.
  (only my high school friends seem to agree with this statement)
• I knew I belonged in this field since my elementary school days in art class.




Olive is our dog. I call her my intern—she’s a trusty but not-so-helpful assistant. She's a terrier mut. When we adopted her, we were told she was most likely a Wheaton Terrier/Lab mix... not too sure about that one.

She seems to think that her main responsibility here at CRISP is letting me know when we’ve got mail or a delivery by barking like a maniac (she’s sweet, but takes some time to warm up to strangers). Olive’s favorite foods are vanilla ice cream and peanuts. Her secret talent is cracking the peanuts open herself—if only she could master throwing the shells in the trash…

Olive makes sure that I take regular breaks during the workday to let her outside to play with sticks. Unless it’s raining, in which case she can be found moping around under my desk.